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Tide Runners

State and federal agencies in response to the Tide Consumption Epidemic have issued transportation bans for all Tide Pod laundry detergents across the country. The job of evading law enforcement across the harsh California Desert has been tasked to an extraordinary group of Drivers known as Tide Runners. These drivers swerve through the cover of darkness carrying their payload to main support terminal 1 – Las Vegas.

Twitter: @RcrTide

Checkpoint photos

11 of 10 checkpoints uploaded.

  • 1. Nike Missle Base
  • 2. Lake Shore Inn
  • 3. Town Eaten by Salt
  • 4. Burro Tunnel/Encampment
  • 5. Pool/Breakfast
  • 6. Ghost Town
  • 7. Wildrose Kilns
  • 8. Keane Wonder Mill and Mine
  • 9. Date Shakes
  • 10. The Seven Magic Mountains

Team photos: