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Nicolas Cage Fighters

Six foot tall, 193 pounds, and here to Kick-Ass. Leaving Las Vegas before placing a bet on this fight would be Inconceivable. Step into the cage and we'll Rock your Face/Off. Cuz when those cage doors shut, you won't be Trapped in Paradise; you'll be trapped in hell, and killing us won't bring back your goddamn honey.

Checkpoint photos

8 of 10 checkpoints uploaded.

  • 1. Nike Missle Base
  • 2. Lake Shore Inn
  • 3. Town Eaten by Salt
  • 4. Burro Tunnel/Encampment
  • 6. Ghost Town
  • 8. Keane Wonder Mill and Mine
  • 9. Date Shakes
  • 10. The Seven Magic Mountains

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