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Anden's Birthday Party

We're so excited that you could come to Anden's birthday party! Please note that any food you bring needs to be gluten-free and not manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts. Also, obviously, no crucifixes or Christian paraphernalia. See you there for our special boy's Dark Ascension!

Checkpoint photos

11 of 10 checkpoints uploaded.

  • 1. Gaudi Park (Anaheim, CA)
  • 2. George AFB (Victorville, CA)
  • 3. Abandoned Waterpark (Newberry Springs, CA)
  • 4. Giant Megaphone (canceled. Too many stuck cars)
  • 5. Lava Tube (San Bernardino County, CA)
  • 6. The Kraken (Nipton, CA)
  • 7. Pioneer Saloon (Goodsprings, NV)
  • 8. Nelson Ghost Town - Crashed Airplane (Nelson, NV)
  • 9. Fish Bowl Spring (Golden Valley, AZ)
  • 10. Oatman Ghost Town - Burros! (Oatman, AZ)
  • 11. Finish Line

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