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Frendly Adventuring Rally Tour Company (F.A.R.T. co.)

Have you ever wanted to tour exotic locations of Southern California? Have you ever wanted to explore a half tour down hotel in California City? Or run from a hobo with a shot gun in a car scrap yard? How about hang out with a nude hippy in a 125 degree weather? Well then the Frendly Adventure Rally Tour company can help. Call now and talk to one of our fredly tour guides and you two can explore haunted military hospitals, hang with the 12 apostles, dine with the fine memebr of the American armed forces and drink questionable liqueds in undergrond lava tubes. Because remeber, when it comes to F.A.R.T co. If it's a little wet it just means we are excited to see you.

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  • 1. The Donut Hole
  • 2. Planes of Fame
  • 3. Cabazon Dinosaurs
  • 4. History of Suspended Time & Giant Marilyn Monroe
  • 5. General Patton Memorial Museum
  • 6. Eagle Mountain Ghost Town
  • 7. End of the World
  • 8. Guardian Lions and the Golden Buddha
  • 9. Cadiz
  • 10. Wagon Wheel
  • 11. Ride that donkey donkey
  • 12. Chlorid
  • 13. Wheel of Misfortune

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