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LA to Vegas

About this rally

Date: Saturday, Jun 25 2011

Vegas Baby? Vegas Baby.
Rental Car Rally LA to Vegas will take you and your handsome & hot pals on a 12-hour overnight journey across deserts rife with zombies, through mountains peopled by toothless (but fun-loving!) hobos, and into ridiculous infamy. There will be ghost towns, abandoned rollercoasters, drive-by paintballings, bike jousting, and boobs. Then we're going to drink until everybody feels attractive.

Basic Itinerary

  1. Thursday pre-party / meetup (optional)
  2. 9pm Friday starting line. Leave ~11pm.
  3. ~3pm Saturday arrive Vegas
  4. Nonstop partying till you make poor decisions with new friends


Your Ticket Includes:

  1. Admission
  2. Rally Briefcase
  3. Pre-party (Thursday before rally)
  4. Destination party
  5. Better self-esteem

Your Ticket Does Not Include:

  1. Your car rental, or fuel.
  2. Accomodations. We do provide a single hotel location with a group rate.
  3. Help with getting laid.
Must you rent a car?
No. You mustn't. You may use your own vehicle.

RCR guarantees you will receive the items mentioned in your tickets. If you do not receive those items, you will be refunded the cost of your ticket, minus the basic ticket cost.

No refunds within seven days of the rally start. 



Rally starting point

9pm Toyota Speedway at Irwindale

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