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LA 2012

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Date: Saturday, Jun 23 2012

This page is for the LA starting line

For the first time in forever-ever, Rental Car Rally is pitting two cities against each other — and making them fight to the high-octane death!

For this rally, there will be TWO starting lines: One in SF, one in LA. SF will rally south. LA will rally north. In the wee hours of the morning, teams will meet in the central California hinterlands and do battle. The battle will involve eggs. You yahoos love eggs.

After the city vs. city battle, we will drive en masse to the final destination. The final destination is top secret. But we guarantee it's about a four hour drive back to SF and/or LA. We're also keeping it secret because, like, cops. And the virtue of surprise. And cops.

We're making the final destination close to your cities because we know gas prices are a bitch, and we know that on Sunday you've got to get back to "jobs" and "responsibilities" and "your dealer(s)". 

Take note: no matter what city you're rallying from, you're still competing against everyone. Don't be a dick. But don't be no nancy neither.

The Basics
RCR LA vs. SF will take you and your pimple-butted palookas along on a 12-hour overnight competitive roadtrip in costume through America's slightly off-road weird-osities, including sights such as deserts marauded by visigoth "artists", abandoned tunnels overrun by morlocks, dilapidated ghost towns deco'd with glowing graffiti, and maybe a boobie bar.

Rental Car Rally's been called "Burning Man on Wheels", "Halloween on Wheels", and "a ludicrous carpocalypse of 60mph egg fights, SUVs driven by pirates brandishing cutlasses, party vans ferrying esoteric porn stars, and at least one Hyundai sporting offensive bumper stickers." Get in here.

Basic Itinerary

  1. Thursday pre-party / meetup (optional)
  2. 9pm Friday starting line. Leave ~11pm.
  3. ~3pm Saturday arrive mysterious destination
  4. Nonstop partying till you make poor decisions with new friends
  5. There will be hotel rooms at the finish line. We recommend you get a room to stay Saturday night. We will reveal the hotels a few weeks before the rally. The cost of the hotel room (~$100) is NOT included in your ticket.

Your Ticket Includes:

  1. Admission
  2. Rally Briefcase
  3. Pre-party (Thursday before rally)
  4. Destination party
  5. Better self-esteem

Your Ticket Does Not Include:

  1. Your car rental, or fuel.
  2. Accommodations. We do provide a single hotel location with a group rate.
  3. Help with getting laid.
Scoring and Winning
There are two prizes: the Grand Prize, and the People's Choice prize. The top scoring teams win the prizes. The prize is a golden gas pump. NOTE: for this new city vs. city format we'll be making some adjustments to the scoring system. 
Grand Prize
This rally score is determined by a combination of a) your odometer [50 points] and b) your awesomeness [50 points].

Your odometer is an objective score on a sliding scale. We take your reading at the beginning of the rally and the end. The lowest odo reading gets 50 points, with higher readings receiving fewer points.
Your awesomeness is determined by you. At the end of the rally, each team votes for their five favorite teams. The team with the most votes gets 50 points. The team with the 2nd most votes gets fewer points, etc. 
People's Choice Prize
This is simply determined by team votes. So don't be a dick, make friends, and make the right enemies.
Must you rent a car?
No. You mustn't. You may use your own vehicle.

RCR guarantees you will receive the items mentioned in your tickets. If you do not receive those items, you will be refunded the cost of your ticket, minus the basic ticket cost.

No refunds within seven days of the rally start. 

Yes, this is real. Search the internets and ye shall find truth. 

Rally starting point

We're still working on an awesome starting location. We will let you know when we know.

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