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The Steaks Are High!!

Dear Racers, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SIR LOIN, TEATS MCGEE and MILLI KAY are UDDERLY brimming with TEAT CREAM, which we will happily bust all over your smiling faces, for LA v SF!!!

Make no misSTEAK about it - we are LA!!! SOW, San Francisco, you can suck our bursting mammary glands because, while we plan to MANURE our way to the top of the LA PILE, we won’t hesitate to give you a FELL BEATING then SHANK you!
We’re HORNY! We’re BULLISH!! And, we got your CUD right here (holding up my Bull Balls)!!

Now, seeing as how it’s prolly PASTURE bedtime, we’ll leave you with this last thought;

…. if you do the speed limit, get the fuck out my way. I’m D.U.I., hardly ever caught sober and you about to get ran the fuck over! So MOOOOOOVE bitch! Get out tha way!!! Get out the way! HAY!! Get out the way!!!
*** “I’ve sucked cream of the gods now!”
- Supreme Commander -----------------------------------

*** “Their Balls Are Glorious!!!!”
- Pants ---------------------------------------------------------------------

*** “Their Cow Style is a sight to behold! And so are their teats”
- Mustache Commander ---
*** While awesome, the quotes expressed here do not reflect actual words uddered by the authors “quoted”, nor do they reflect the views of the founders of RCR or it’s affiliates. These statements, though possible, therefore have no basis in reality even though they are absolutely true. Our balls ARE glorious, our cream is delicious and our teats are meant to be cuddled. That said, we are cows, so suck it...all twelve of em!

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